A Letter from Fr. Hilton's mission team on-site in Tacloban

Hello and God Bless to all,

We would first like to start by saying thank you for your support and prayers!
we have seen and done much since we have been here. Yesterday we went to see the poorest of the poor and had Mass with them. While they live in tiny shacks, in filth, they were so peaceful and happy, the love of Christ shines here. We handed out MiraculousMedals, Rosaries, and candy to the children.
We were fortuante enough to meet one of the couples who will be married in a mass ceremony next week. The bride is very excited to wear one of the Wedding dresses we brought as she has never worn a dress or gotten all dressed up! The people here are so thankful for the help they have received form the USA. Unfortunately, we have learned that the people did not receive the money or help sent from ththe US, as the philipinno government kept the money.
The only way to get the money and help to the prople is to srnd it through the Mission of Charity Sisters.
We went to some of the poor housing neighborhoods to hand out some of the meficines we brought, there is much illness here.
Tomorrow we hope to bring mattress/mats to those relocated to the new housing, they all sleep on hard cement floors. Their homes have no electricity or running water.

Traffic here is crazy, yet there seems to be a pattern. The town only has two stoploghts for the 200 thousand people who live here! many of us took peddy cabs and motorcycle cabs to town, a 30 minute drive. We were shocked to learn it only cost one US dollar. We gave generous tips.

One sad thing we learned is that the Government knew how bad Typhoon Yolanda would be and refused to warn the people, so many lives could have been saved!

We are going to the Mission of Charities to sees some before, during, and after films of Typhoon Yolanda, we will then do adoration with the Sisters and end our day playing with and loving the children in the orphanage.

Love and God Bless,
— The Mission Team

The city was destroyed in fall 2013 when typhoon Yolanda hit the region killing thousands and devastating the area with massive flooding. St. Mary's Catholic Church parish has sent 8 missionaries and Father John Hilton to work in Tacloban City.   The mission team is working with Mother Teresa's organization.

The mission team is asking for your help by donating to the Tacloban City relief fund. All donations go directly to the aid of this devastated city and people.  You can make a difference!

After the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, locals in the city of Tacloban face the mammoth task of rebuilding their shattered communities.

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