Day 6.

Newport Washington near the boarder of Idaho.

I left this morning from Beaver Lodge and have been riding along the beautiful Pend Oreille River. I am now in Newport Washington right on the boarder of Idaho. I was thinking to my self "How many pedal strokes will it take for me to go from coast to coast?" I calculated that it will take roughly 2 million! Thats a lot of pedaling. Doing it for such a great cause makes every pedal stroke worth it.

I will be traveling to Bonners Ferry on Monday, June 8th which is about 60 miles and then on Tuesday I will be traveling to Libby Montana which is 50 miles. I would like to go longer distances but with so few town in-between it makes it difficult. Once I make it to Libby Montana I will be heading to Kalispell Montana and then off to East Glacier Lake which will be right around 90 miles. I will keep you all in my prayers! More from the road coming tomorrow. God bless.

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